Facilities and Capabilities

 We specialize in precision metal and plastic turning and have the capabilities to handle a wide range of material and order sizes. Click over to our Products page for examples.

——— Low Volume Orders ——–
Single Prototype up to 5,000 pieces
Material Diameter .060″ to 2.325″
——– High Volume Orders ——–
Over 5,000 pieces – 1,000,000+
Material Diameter .060″ to 1.5″


brown and sharpe turret


Secondary Operations


      In addition to our primary machinery we also have various other equipment to complete plenty of secondary operations if necessary. Possible secondary operations include but are not limited to tapping, slotting, drilling, deburring, grinding and milling.

  • Snow Tapping Machines
  • Snow Jig-Borer
  • Enco Manual Mill
  • 24″ Disc Grinder
  • 13″ x 40″ JET Engine Lathe
  • Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinders
  • Various Bench Grinders
  • Various Drills Presses



Primary Operations

    50 Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines

      For many years Brown & Sharpe set the standard when it came to screw machines and metal turning. Brown and Sharpe machines are known for their reliability, speed, and accuracy. It’s for these reasons that we run many of our products on these machines. The machines we use are ideal for making large quantities of parts at a high rate of speed while maintaining strict tolerances. These machines make it possible for us to provide a quick turn around time on large orders while still maintaining the precision and accuracy you need.
    3 Citizen Swiss CNC Lathes
  • 2 CNC Lathes
  • 2 CNC Mills
      Computer Numeric Control or CNC is modern technology’s contribution to machining. With a CNC machine the machine’s actions are dictated by a previously written digital program. CNC machining allows manufacturers to be extremely precise and control very specific parameters such as feed rate, speed, and tooling location. With precise computer control running the show it’s possible to repeatedly make complex parts while maintaining strict tolerances. CNC is ideal for parts with tight tolerances that require multiple precise steps in their manufacture.

     For extreme precision we also make use of a few Swiss style CNC Lathes. A Swiss style machine isn’t necessarily made in Switzerland, but is called so because they were developed with the capability to turn extremely small, complex, and precise parts used in the Swiss watch making industry. The secret to these super accurate machines lies in the guide bushing that the bar stock is fed through. A tight fit ensures that almost all chatter is eliminated during the machining process.


Finishing Services

      We aim to be your entire turnkey manufacturing solution and while we don’t provide services such as plating and heat treating in house we do have long standing relationships with many reliable shops and vendors. Through these channels we’re able to offer plating, coating, heat treating, and more. Having us outsource your specialty service lessens your workload and ensures you receive a 100% complete product.

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